Introducing our discounted pricing scheme!

To better serve our customers, we have introduced a pricing scheme that can drop the price by as much as 65%

The scheme comes with a few conditions, and is only available when quoted and ordered online. Conditions include standard delivery (typically 5 to 15 days), supplied as singles (no modules), standard FR4, no plated slots or scoring, hole sizes no smaller than 0.4mm, traces and spacing no smaller than 0.15mm, data supplied as extended gerber with excellon drill files.

Because the board specification has been fixed as stated, we can merge your design with other boards on the same scheme, allowing us to offer drastically reduced pricing! Unfortunately we will not be able to do any kind of special request with these boards, otherwise they cannot be made at the prices quoted.

Improving quality standards

We can now offer UL approval on all board types, in most cases at no extra cost. We can also offer IPC class 3 (the most stringent) for boards that must meet the highest quality standard.

For other boards, our standard IPC class 2 quality level is perfectly acceptable, and ensures excellent quality.

Artwork and board scanning

We now have facilities to scan artworks or bare boards, to generate gerber data suitable for manufacture. This facility can be performed without expensive scanning costs if boards are purchased.

Alternatively, data can be generated and returned for a fee, without obligation to purchase any boards, enabling older designs to be digitised for safe storage.

Advancing capabilities

Our capabilities beyond the standard boards quoted on our website is vast. Technologies such as blind/buried via, HDMI, controlled impedance, resin filled vias, via in pad, mixed laminate, IC bonding, thick copper, and more.

Because the range of technologies is so vast, online pricing is not possible. However, simply fill in the details on the standard quote request page and upload the data, and a competitive price will be returned as quickly as possible.

Gem Circuits new website goes live!

After months of development, our IT team has finished the new look website.

The prices calculated are identical to those generated by our sales team, so now you can price up your boards anytime, and place your order to ensure you don't miss any cutoff times to start production.

Surface finishes are expanded

We can provide a variety of surface finishes, including lead-free HAL, immersion gold, OSP, leaded HASL, immersion silver or tin, electrolytic or selective gold, and others.

The cheapest RoHS compliant finish is lead-free HAL, which is suitable for most applications. For extremely flat finishes immersion gold finish is recommended.

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