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Asymmetric Zo Calculator

stripline asymmetric zo impedance diagram


Trace Thickness
Height Above Trace
Height Below Trace
Trace Width
Substrate Dielectric

Output ⊕

Impedance (Zo): 
76.6 Ω
Capacitance (C): 
0.913 pF/cm
Propagation delay (Tpd): 
69.9 ps/cm
Inductance (L): 
5.36 nH/cm

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Calculation Notes

An asymmetric stripline is constructed between two plane layers, where the distance above the trace is not equal to the distance below.

Factors that influence the impedance calculation include:-

  • Trace thickness (t)
  • Height above trace (ha)
  • Height below trace (hb)
  • Trace width (w)
  • Substrate dielectric (εr)

Z_{o}\approx \frac{80}{\sqrt{\varepsilon_{r}}}\times\ln\left(\frac{1.9\times(2h_{a}+t)}{(0.8w+t)}\right)\times \left(1-\frac{h_{a}}{4\times h_{b}}\right)

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