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microstrip embedded Zo impedance diagram


Trace Thickness
Substrate Height
Trace Height Above Plane
Trace Width
Substrate Dielectric

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Impedance (Zo): 
78.0 Ω
Capacitance (C): 
0.744 pF/cm
Propagation delay (Tpd): 
58.0 ps/cm
Inductance (L): 
4.53 nH/cm

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Calculation Notes

A microstrip is a type of electrical transmission line consisting of a conducting strip separated from a ground plane by a dielectric layer called the substrate. The embedded microstrip also has a dielectric above it, such as a soldermask.

Factors that influence the impedance calculation include:-

  • Trace thickness (t)
  • Substrate height (h)
  • Trace height above plane (hp)
  • Trace width (w)
  • Substrate dielectric (εr)

Z_{o}\approx \frac{60}{\sqrt{\varepsilon_{rp}}}\times\ln\left(\frac{5.98h_{p}}{(0.8w+t)}\right)

\varepsilon_{rp}\approx \varepsilon_{r}\bigg[1-exp\Big(-1.55\frac{h}{h_{p}}\Big)\bigg]

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